All our actions aim to support our clients in fulfilling their targets. In the same way we proceed when we support a cause in the community, a good cause that we believe in and in which we get involved with all the conviction and dedication, not just by declaring our support.

To support the long-term sustainable development of the Timisoara community, we´ve supported the following causes.

Pet Hope Association, Timișoara

We chose to support this association because its aim is to fight for animal rights and against animal abuse. A heathy society is that one where everybody is respected, including animals.

Information about the association can be found on the following web page –

Attorney Choir of Timiș county

This project, initiated by our colleague Paul Ciucur, has a charitable objective and has been created in order to help overcoming the barriers in interhuman relations using music as a tool.

The project started in 2016 when, due to the concert organized in the greco-catholic cathedral in Timișoara, 8.000 lei were raised for the United Way project – „Învață să reușești” (˝Learn to be successful”). Since then, year after year, the amount of money raised was bigger and bigger, therefore the same increase happened in the number of children helped through this initiative.